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We ensure the meaning of text does not get lost in translation

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We connect you to the world

If you are ready to connect with the global marketplace, welcome to the bridge that will get you there. Manatranslation provides high quality translation services for a global audience.

We are the preferred translation service for companies requiring translation into or from the Turkish language worldwide, in particular for those working within the communications industry.

We work with top-tier human translators to provide exceptional translation services to our international clientele. Our primary concern is to ensure your message reaches your audience as you intended.

We provide you customized translation solutions with the appropriate use of terminology and style. Our team takes translation services one step further by protecting the meaning of your original text when it is translated into the target language.

We aim to add value to translation by utilizing our creativity and the ‘Manatranslation Quality Process’ which ensures high value and accurate translation.

Our name is Manatranslation because we believe every word and sentence can be made meaningful by a human translator.

We use technology and computer-assisted translation tools however texts interpreted by the culture-savvy interpreter always find better meaning. For this reason the human element is at the center of our processes.

Manatranslation's founder is Öykü Yetiş. After graduating from Bogazici University Translation and Interpretation Department in 2008, Yetiş worked as a Human Resources Business Partner in human resources and learning departments at international companies in Istanbul and as a project manager in various translation offices. She has Master's degree in Communication Strategies from Galatasaray University.

Our name is Manatranslation because we believe every word and sentence can be made meaningful by a human translator.

Our name is Manatranslation because we believe every word and sentence can be made meaningful by a human translator.

Mana servıces


We provide translation solutions in every language.

We also render editing, proofreading and copywriting services

We localize content on your web site, products and services, software and documents considering the culture and language of target market as well as ensuring technical language is also translated accurately.

Manatranslation has adopted the principle of working with translators and editors who are native speakers of the target language.


1. Turkish, English, German, Dutch, Greek, Spanish, Italian


3. Arabic, Persian

4. Chinese, Japanese


Hungarian, Romanian, Georgian, Polish, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Korean, Malay and other languages.


We help you improve your communication quality with translation and copywriting workshops within the institution you work for. If you need to translate and write text for your job, you can become faster in translation and increase your communication quality with the practical information we provide. We support you with hands-on workshops which we plan at your institution.

We provide consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.

Within the context of consecutive interpreting, the interpreter interprets what is said with the help of notes he takes during a conversation or speech. Consecutive interpretation does not require special equipment other than a microphone.

In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter interprets almost in real time as the speaker speaks, people listen to the translation via headphones. For simultaneous interpreting we require a booth offering good sound insulation for the interpreter, simultaneous interpreting system, a microphone for speakers and a headphone system for the audience.

Simultaneous interpreting is frequently used in high level international meetings and it is highly-skilled work, requiring many years of experience and subject matter expertise. Events which require simultaneous interpreting need meticulous planning and special equipment.

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All correspondence is encrypted, only the interlocutors can see it.
Our translators maintain the translation in our system only.


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areas of expertıse

Institutions cannot deliver the performance they expect because of miscommunication within the institution or because they cannot express themselves to customers, investors and regulators. By utilizing technology in the most effective way, we have combined our corporate experience with translation expertise. Now it is easier for our customers to facilitate communication through translation. Our partners who prefer to work with us choose to communicate better, perform better, earn more and attract more talented employees and suppliers. 

Mana offers translation, localization and interpreting services especially for the communication sector.

The documents we receive most for translation are related to business and marketing presentations, training content, presentations and policies in the field of human resources, press releases, interviews and crisis communication plans.

Most frequently, we receive consecutive interpreting requests for company meetings within interpreting services.





Human Resources and Learning

Business and Governance

Art and Culture

Media and Entertainment

Marketing and Communication

Retail and E-commerce


Food& Beverages

socıal scıences and academıc translatıon

Educational Sciences


Communication Studies



Art History



International Relations

Translation Areas for                   Non-Governmental Organizations

Scientific Articles

Training Materials

Annual Reports

Presentations for increasing awareness in particular topics

Field Researches




manatranslatıon qualıty process

We start to do research based on your translation request, the translation process begins after information verification.

After the translation process, an industry expert such as communications specialist, attorney, economist etc. will read and edit the target text and speech. We then have a native language expert proofread the text and approve the translation.

We ask for feedback from various stakeholders after delivering the translation project.  The related feedback is valuable input for the translation, translation memory, term base and style guide.

The subject matter expert keeps up-to-date information regarding translation and ensures consistent quality in every translation by sharing significant developments in the area with stakeholders and meets with clients regularly. In this way we review the text from your point of view and we ensure we have produced eloquent text and speech.

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manatranslatıon culture

We work passionately. We read a lot, learn a lot and believe in lifelong learning. We also regularly work with our large network of industry experts to review highly technical and industry-specific documents. If you think you are a creative, curious and meticulous translator and copywriter and you like research, come and join us. If you are eager for translating hundreds of technical document pages and in favor of translating literally, Mana may not be the right employer for you. If you are ready to work in a dynamic environment and have experience in a sector other than translation, we look forward to meeting you. If you agree with our terms mentioned, join us and send your resume to mana@manaceviri.com.  


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